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RULES 2019-2020

1. All games shall be played to England Netball Rules/Guidelines with the following exceptions:

Clubs are asked to remind all players that these rules include:

  • No jewellery (except a covered Medi-Alert bracelet);
  • No taped earrings;
  • No friendship bracelets;
  • Nails to be short and smooth;
  • Gloves with medical certificate;
  • Taped Dermal Piercing with medical certificate

2. League Rules

2.1 A League Entry Fee shall be paid at the start of every season, with the fee detail on the League Entry Form.  This is a non-refundable payment.

2.2 All new team entries will be automatically placed in the lowest division within that age group.  However, a new team may request an assessment into a higher division.

3. Venues

3.1 All matches will be played at a League designated venue.  The League will be responsible for booking courts.  Clubs will be billed for League matches in January and May.

4. Duration of Matches

4.1 Matches will be 4 x 10 minutes.  The 1st and 3rd intervals shall be 2 minutes with 3 minutes at half time.  Umpires are instructed to ensure that all clubs adhere to these times.

4.2 Persistent lateness should be brought to the attention of the Committee and this will be dealt with accordingly.

4.3 All stoppages for illness/injury or blood on a player will be up to 2 minutes and the player concerned must leave the court.  For more serious injuries, umpires may extend the time for the player to leave the court.

5. Playing Qualifications

5.1 The Junior League age groups follow the school calendar, starting on 1st September and finishing 31st August.

5.2 For the Winter Season 2019-2020, Year 6 and older girls will be eligible to play 7-a-side netball.  In addition, a maximum of three Year 5 girls may be registered in a Year 6 team to play full rules.  The maximum number of Year 5 girls in any match would be three.  This would include any Year 5 girls playing up who would be allowed to play on a maximum of two occasions. Those Year 5 girls registered for a Year 6 team are not eligible to play in the High 5 League.

5.3 From November 2019 to April 2020, Year 4 and Year 5 players will be eligible to play in the High 5 netball league.  A Handbook containing rules, teams and fixtures will be provided before the High 5 league starts.

6. Player Registration

6.1 £1 registration fee for players which must be paid before their first League/KO cup match.

6.2 All players must be registered and have their relevant Identity Card with the League prior to the start of any League, Cup or Plate match.  Additionally, at least 7 players must be registered per team.

6.3 The Registration Secretary will receive copies of the High 5 team's registration forms prior to the start of the High 5 season and will be advised of any additional player registrations by the High 5 Secretary during the season to ensure that all High 5 players who play up for a Year 6 team, either in the League, Cup or Plate competitions are eligible to play.  Any High 5 player who plays up in the main 7-aside league must have the correct registration papers and Identity Card before they are eligible to play.

6.4 In the case of late registrations, 7 days must pass between receipt of the completed registration form by the Registration Secretary for a player to take part in a match for that Club.

6.5 The Registration Secretary will acknowledge receipt of the relevant documents within 48 hours.

6.6 No player may be registered on a match day.

6.7 A player may not play for a lower team than that stated on her registration form.

6.8 A player may only be registered to play in one age group or for one Club.

6.9 Final registration date is 1st March in the relevant playing season.  Any requests for registration after this date must be addressed to the Committee in writing for consideration.

6.10 A player may only play for a higher team on 5 occasions.  On the 5th occasion she will become a member of the next highest team in that Club.  She will no longer be allowed to play for any other team in that season.  Clubs will be notified by the Registration Secretary when the player has played up on the 4th occasion.

Penalties for Infringements to Registration Rules

 In the event of a team playing an unregistered player, the non-offending team will be awarded match points plus the greater of the actual goal difference or 10 goals.  In the event of both teams playing unregistered players, the game is declared void with no points or goals being awarded to either team.  In addition, the offending team(s) will be fined: 

1st offence £5.00; 2nd offence £20.00

7. Player Transfers

7.1 A player may request a transfer to a new club up to the date for final registrations (Rule 6.9).  The transfer procedure is as follows:

  • the Club holding the player's registration completes a League Transfer Form, gives this and the player's Identity Card to the transferring player who in turn passes to her new Club's Registration Secretary;
  • the new Club completes a new player Registration Form and submits this together with the Transfer Form and player Identity Card to the Registration Secretary;
  • the Registration Secretary acknowledges receipt of the relevant documents.

This procedure must be completed PRIOR to the transferring player being eligible to play for her new club.

7.2 In the event of a Team or Club withdrawing from the League for whatever reason during the season, those players can transfer to other Teams/Clubs with the permission of the Committee but must re-register following the registration rules as set out above, even if the registration deadline has passed.

7.3 Any player transferring between clubs during the season will carry over their playing up record from their previous club.

Penalties for Infringements to Transfer Rules

 In the event of a team playing an unregistered player, the non-offending team will be awarded match points plus the greater of the actual goal difference or 10 goals.  In the event of both teams playing unregistered players, the game is declared void with no points or goals being awarded to either team.  In addition, the offending team(s) will be fined:

1st offence £5.00; 2nd offence £20.00

8. Umpires

8.1 All teams must provide a suitably qualified umpire for all matches.

8.2 For the season 2019-2020, the umpires shall have the following qualifications:

              Year 10/11 - All teams        -         C Award or above

              Year 9 - All teams               -         C Award or above

              Year 8 - All teams               -         C Award or above

              Year 7 - Division 1              -         C Award or above

For these matches the Fixtures Secretary will allocate the umpires to matches.  The match allocation will be published on the relevant Saturday and can be viewed on the League Notice Boards.

              Year 7 - Division 2              -         Beginner/Into Officiating Award or above

              Year 6 - Division 1              -         Trainee or above Umpire

              Clubs are responsible for allocating their own umpires to these matches.

Exceptionally, umpires of a lower qualification than that required may be used, with the permission of the teams, on games selected by the Umpiring Secretary for umpiring testing.

When a league fixture is cancelled both teams must ensure that they notify their umpire as well as the Fixture Secretary.  Failure to do so will result in the team paying the umpires fees.

8.3 The Chelmsford & District Junior Netball League recommended fees for umpiring are:

              40 min games (4 x 10 mins) - C Award or above = £10.00

              40 min games (4 x 10 mins) - Into Officiating Award/Beginner = £7.00

              40 min games (4 x 10 mins) - Trainee = £5.00

              High 5 League (6 x 6 mins) - IOA or above = £10.00 

Penalty for non-supply of suitably qualified umpire

 Fine £10.00 for offending team

9. Scorers

9.1 All teams in Years 7 and above must provide a scorer for all league/cup matches.  It is advised that the scorers for these matches stand together in a place requested by the umpires.

10. Result Cards

10.1 Clubs are responsible for the accurate completion of a result card detailing the following information:

  • Date of match
  • Age group of team
  • Division (if applicable)
  • Club name and Team name
  • Opposition Club and Team name
  • Players full name - clearly printed (in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS)

Before the match the result card and player's ID cards are handed to the opposition’s team representative to check the players photo and name (first name and surname) listed on the result card are correct.  Any discrepancy to be queried at that time.

Should the photo ID match the player but the name on the card is incorrect and this is not noticed at the time of checking, then both teams are deemed to be at fault and fined accordingly.  The match result will stand (or the game declared void).

All the above must be completed PRIOR to the end of a match to minimise delays to the umpires and the following games.

At the end of a match the umpires will complete the score and print their name and affiliation number on both result cards.

It is the responsibility of each team to place the results in the Result Box attached to the fence at the appropriate venue.

10.2 The Registration and Fixture Secretaries will deem the information written on the result card to be correct.  No correspondence will be entered to rectify any mistakes, unless it is to resolve a difference between the score information on both result cards.  However, if both umpires agree, in writing, to the Fixture Secretary that a mistake has been made and they confirm what the score should have been then that revised score will be allowed to stand.

10.3 In the event of one team not attending on a match day, the non-offending team (i.e. the team at the designated venue) must complete their result card as above, and instead of the score, insert the words "opposing team did not attend" and post in Result Box.  In addition, the non-attending team (if they had not previously advised their opponents of the cancellation) will reimburse the non- offending team with their expenses up to a sum of £15.

Penalty for incorrect completion of result cards

Fine £5.00 - to be advised at time of offence.

11. Rearrangements

11.1 No rearrangements allowed except:

  • Extreme weather conditions (as decided by a Committee representative after on-site court visit).
  • Matters outside League control (e.g. facilities becoming unavailable).

11.2 Fixtures are to be set taking into account any potential clashes including:

  • 11-plus exam (Year 6 League)

Any club that has knowledge of any potential date clashes must inform the Fixtures Secretary no later than 31st July (prior to the start of the season), thereafter no allowance will be made for any date clashes.

Should a team be affected by qualification of a School Team for the National Finals/Regional rounds (two or more players), they should contact the Fixtures Secretary and due consideration may be given for a fixture re-arrangement.

Any team that has entered the National Clubs U14 or U16 competition or players that are part of the selected squad for the county or satellite festivals and/or super league franchise festivals, may ask for a re-arrangement if the fixtures are scheduled on the same day as a Junior League match.  They should contact the Fixtures Secretary no later than 4 weeks prior to the festival/tournament dates and a new date will be given for a fixture rearrangement.

12. Results

12.1 Points will be awarded as follows:

        Win 5 Points

        Draw 3 Points

        Lose 2 points to losing team where 5 or fewer goals separate a team

1 point to a losing team where they score 50% or more of the winning teams' goals

        Forfeited games 5 points to non-offending team

12.2 League positions will be decided on points.  In the event of a tie on points, goal average (goals for divided by goals against) will apply.

12.3 Cancelled/forfeited matches

  • where a team cannot fulfil their fixture they must, in the first instance, inform the Fixtures Secretary and then the relevant opposition Team Manager.  If the same team cancels or forfeits a league fixture on a second or subsequent occasion during the season, two league points will be deducted in each case.
  • any team cancelling three league games will be withdrawn from the League.

13. Team Withdrawals

13.1 Where a team withdraws from the League all their results will be null and void.

14. Knock-out Cup

14.1 All teams will be entered into the Knock-out Cup unless they have opted out.  Prior notification has been received using the "opt out" section on the League Application Form.  A qualifying round may be necessary to obtain the correct number of teams for round one.

14.2 Players must have played in at least two matches for that Club (including High 5 League) to be eligible to play in the Knock-out Cup Semi-Final or Final.

14.3 All League rules apply to Knock-out Cup matches, with the following additions/amendments:

  • Team dropping out in Round 1 - Non-offending team will be given a bye into the next round.
  • Teams given a buy in Round 1 - If in the Round 2 match, their opposition drops out or they lose the match, teams will be permitted to participate in the Plate competition as this will be deemed their first game in the knock-out cup competition.
  • If a Club withdraws a team, at any time, from the Knock Out Cup they will be fined £25.00

14.4 Any player transferring clubs who has played in a cup match will not be eligible to play in any subsequent cup or plate match for their new club in that playing season.

14.5 Umpires

  • All umpires for matches in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10/11 age groups must have a C Award or above qualification.  The Fixtures Secretary will allocate umpires to all Knock-out Cup matches in these age groups.
  • The Committee will be responsible for providing all umpires for Semi-Final and Final rounds. 

14.6 In the event of a draw, extra time will be played - 5 minutes each way.  Teams will toss a coin to decide the first centre pass/choice of ends.  If the score is still tied at the end of the extra time, the game will continue without indication that time is up, until the next goal is scored.

14.7 Playing a non-registered/non-qualified player (as defined in Rules 6 and 7):

Penalties for Infringements to Registration Rules

Where the team won the match, the match is awarded to the losing team and a fine of £5.00 applied to the offending team.  Where the team lost the match a fine of £5.00 applied to the offending team.  The offending team will take no further part in either the Knock-out Cup or Plate competitions.

14.8 Court costs will be billed to clubs at the end of the season according to the number of matches played.

15. Plate Competition

15.1 All teams losing their first game in the KO Cup Competition will qualify for the Plate competition except teams that withdraw from a cup fixture.

15.2 The format and date of the Plate competition will be set by the Fixtures Secretary.

15.3 For Registration purposes this competition will count as one fixture (refer to Rule 6.10).

15.4 Players must have played in at least two matches for that Club (including High 5 League) to be eligible to play in the Plate competition.

15.5 Players who are listed on the result cards for any of the Knock-out Cup Finals are not eligible to play in the Plate Competition.

15.6 Playing a non-registered/non-qualified player (as defined in Rules 6 and 7).

15.7 If a Club withdraws a team, at any time, from the Plate competition they will be fined £25.00.

Penalty for infringing the Registration Rules

 The team will be disqualified and a fine of £5 applied to the offending team.

16. Club responsibilities

16.1 Clubs are reminded that they are expected to abide by the England Netball Child Protection Procedures and Policies, Codes of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures.

16.2 All Junior Clubs participating within the league must have a minimum of a named club safeguarding officer and a lead coach who must be over 18 and cannot be the same person.

16.3 In addition to the League rules, clubs are reminded that they have a responsibility in all matches to:

  • provide player ID Cards to the opposing team's officials together with a completed result card PRIOR to the start of any League/Cup match.  The result card is then given immediately to the Umpire to retain until the end of the match.  Penalty for breach of the above will be points awarded to the Non-Offending Team and a Fine of £5.00.
  • supply a match ball (size 5)
  • wear clearly marked bibs (and have an alternative set in case of colour clash)
  • have available a First Aid Kit
  • ensure their players wear suitable footwear
  • make sure all players and spectators are familiar with England Netball Rules.
  • Cut-off time for contacting teams and Committee Members (including cancellation of games) should be no later than 8.00 pm

16.4 All spectators should follow the code:

  • Respect managers, umpires and players - both your own team and the opposition
  • There will be no offensive language, remarks or behaviour
  • NO dogs must be brought to any League designated venue
  • Adhere to the League's designated venues policy of No Smoking around the courts.
  • Litter and lost property, including water bottles, is to be removed by all clubs.

16.5 To aid administration for both Clubs and the Registration Secretary we would recommend that all Clubs register all players at the start of the season.

17. Miscellaneous

17.1 All fines must be settled by the League's AGM.

Penalty for non-payment of Fines

 The Committee may consider suspending a Team.

17.2 A breach of any rules not covered by a specific penalty will be dealt with at the discretion of the Committee.

17.3 One named individual representative from each club can be sent to observe at a Committee meeting in a non-voting role.