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HIGH 5 RULES 2018-2019

The High 5 League will be played between November 2018 and April 2019, the match dates will be set by the High 5 Secretary.

All games shall be played to England Netball Rules with the exceptions listed in the Chelmsford & District Junior Netball League handbook. The following additional rules agreed for High 5 netball are detailed below.

Clubs are reminded that the following rules will also apply to the High 5 League:

  • No jewellery (except a covered Medi-alert bracelet)
  • No taped earrings
  • No friendship bracelets
  • Nails to be short and smooth

Great Baddow School have created an additional court at the school that can be used specifically for High 5 games.  Matches will therefore run concurrently with Junior League matches.

Clubs will be billed for League matches in December and February.

1. Posts will be adjusted to 9 feet, the correct height for High 5.  This will leave a section of the post above the back of the ring.  During play this section of the post is regarded as part of the ring therefore:

(a) if the ball rebounds into the ring, then a goal is scored.
(b) if the ball rebounds onto court, then play continues.

2. A size 4 netball is to be used for each game.

3. All players will be registered (as per CDJNL Registration Rule 6).  No High 5 players to play in main league before High 5 League commences.

4. All squads to consist of 6, 7 or 8 players, with up to 2 boys allowed in each squad.  Only boys and girls in school year 4 and 5 are allowed to play High 5.  

Note: A squad of less than 6 players (minimum 5 players) would be allowed to play, however this will only be in exceptional circumstances.  The game would be played and points awarded to the winners (see section 10 below).  The Committee will keep a note of those teams playing with 5 players and make take action if this rule is being abused.  

5. All players should wear a bib denoting their position.  There are 5 on-court positions GS, GA, C, GD, GK.  There are up to 3 off court positions S (Scorer - keeps the score for their own team, normal scorecards to be used please),  TK (Time Keeper) and CPM (Centre Pass marker).  These positions can be used when a squad consists of 6 or more players.

6. Matches will be 6 X 6 minutes (Total 36 mins) with 2 minutes between sectors to allow for rotation of positions.

7. Before the start of play, positions are allocated by "picking a bib", this is overseen by the allocated umpires.

8.  At the end of each sector the positions are rotated according to the plan "for 5, 6, 7 or 8 players" as follows:

5 Players = GS to GK to GA to GD to C

6 Players = GS to GK to S to GA to GD to C

7 Players = GS to GK to S to GA to GD to TK to C

8 Players = GS to GK to S to C to GA to TK to GD to CPM

The use of marked cones may assist the rotation process.  This again is overseen by the allocated umpires.

9. In the event of an injury, time will be held for the injured player to be attended to.  If the injured player is unable to continue, that player will leave the court and be substituted by the Scorer.  Play continues to the end of that sector. 
If the injured player is then able to return to the court, they return as Scorer and rotation continues as plan "for 6, 7 or 8 players".  If the injured player is unable to return to the court, the Scorer position remains empty and rotation continues ignoring the Scorer position, if the squad consists of 6 players.  If the squad consists of 7 players the TK position would be left empty and if the squad consists of 8 players the rotation would revert back to that of a squad of 7.   In the event that more than 1 player from a team is injured and unable to return to the court, the game will be abandoned if the number of players on the court falls below 5 as 5 players minimum are required to take the court.  The match will either be re- arranged or points allocated at the discretion of CDJNL Committee.

10.  Points are awarded as follows:

5 points for a win
3 points for a draw
2 points for scoring 50% or more
1 point for turning up with the correct number of players
Teams who turn up with less than 6 players may play the game and points awarded although the Committee will keep a note of those teams playing with 5 players and may take action if this rule is being abused

11. Umpires and Scorers

Umpires for High 5 matches will be allocated by the High 5 Teams playing the match.  Umpires must be a C Award and above.

Umpires will be paid £10 per match umpired.  Teams will be responsible for paying the umpires.

The umpires are requested to take on some additional responsibilities to their usual Umpiring tasks, specifically:

(a) At the start of the game the umpires will oversee the picking of bibs for starting positions and also oversee that player rotations are completed in accordance with the rotation plan;
(b) Umpires to liaise with the scorers at the end of each sector to ensure that the Scorers "feel involved" and check scorecards providing guidance to the Scorers when necessary as part of their skills development and education.

The umpires control the game, maintain the official score, confirm the centre pass and time the match.

The scorers will maintain the score and if possible note the Centre pass (Odd and Evens) on the scorecard with the help of the umpires. The Scorers will not be responsible for the official match result.

12.  Result Cards

The result cards for High 5 are Green to make them distinguishable from netball result cards, please ensure that you use the correct result cards.

Clubs are responsible for the accurate completion of a result card detailing the following information:

  • Date of match
  • Age group of team
  • Division (if applicable)
  • Club name and Team name
  • Opposition Club and Team name
  • Players full name - clearly printed (preferably in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS)
All the above must be completed PRIOR to the start of a match and handed to the umpires.  Umpires are instructed not to start a match without this information.
At the end of a match the umpires will complete the score and print their name and affiliation number on both result cards.
 13.  Cup Competition

It is not intended to run a cup or plate competition within the High 5 section of the CDJNL, however we propose to hold a High 5 Festival at the end of the season for the league teams and any other local/school teams who may wish to enter.