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Umpiring in the Chelmsford & District Junior Netball League

Umpire List

Please click here for a full list of qualified umpires in the CDJNL.

  Rule of The Month

WA takes a Throw In on the goal line close to the circle area. She steps from her landing foot onto her other foot behind the circle area and then passes to GA. What''s the ruling? Click here for the answer


Welcome to Umpiring!

We currently have 54 England Netball qualified umpires affiliated to clubs in the League. Our umpiring expertise ranges from the most experienced level A Award to those just embarking on their umpiring careers at Beginner Award level.

We work very closely with the Chelmsford Senior League and East Essex and together we have England Netball qualified tutors, testers, mentors and assessors within the League and our aim is to provide a centre of excellence with regards to the development of umpires. This will ensure that our umpires perform in accordance with the relevant umpiring standards as defined by England Netball.

Umpiring Secretary and Subcommittee

Umpiring within the League is managed by Katy Marx.


For up to date details on umpiring courses in the Chelmsford area, please click on the courses tab at the top of the page. Into Officiating Award courses are run by the Junior league, C Award courses are organised by the Senior League and B Award and above by East Essex. We always need more umpires, so if you want to give it a go, then you are more than welcome to attend one of our Into Officiating Courses.

Widening Umpiring Experience

It is suggested that umpires do not umpire for their own teams as although undertaken with good intentions, it does not benefit the team or the umpire’s development, as both need a wider range of experience. This also guards against any accusation from the opposition of over familiarity between the team and umpire. With this in mind, the League operate neutrally placed umpires for Year 7 (Div 1), Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10/11. You must supply the names of your umpires before the games on Saturdays and the Umpiring Secretary will allocate these to the appropriate games. All games will be listed on the Order of Play on the noticeboard.


Scorers must be provided for Year 7 and above games. It is advised that Scorers should stand together at a place indicated by the umpires.

Working Together

Remember you and your fellow umpire are a team, working together. Meet before the game starts, during the breaks to discuss aspects of the play which may need attention, court conditions etc. and after the game to complete the cards. Support each other and discuss rule interpretation, stay with each other during the breaks, do not stand with the teams. You are an official of the game and therefore you must be seen to be impartial.

Umpiring Code of Conduct

England Netball has Codes of Conduct across the sport which is driven by its’ core values of leadership, integrity, teamwork and excellence. 
Download the EN Umpiring Code of Conduct.

Useful Documents

England Netball Domestic Rules Guidance - August 2013

IFNA Netball Rule Changes - from 1st January 2012

IFNA Umpire protocols - from 1st January 2012

Officiating update - for beginners (March 2013)

England Netball Beginner Sample Paper 1

England Netball Beginner Sample Paper 2

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  Umpiring Sub Committee
  Working Together