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Rule Of The Month


Is Wing Attack offside?


What would you do?

At a Throw In: WA takes a Throw In on the goal line close to the circle area. She steps from her landing foot onto her other foot behind the circle area and then passes to GA.

What is the ruling?

What is the Ruling? Offside WA – Throw In

Where is the Award Given? Behind the circle area where WA released the ball

Who Takes the Pass? Opposing team player allowed in area i.e. GK or GD

Which Rule? Rule 18.4.2(vi) ''''The player throwing the ball shall not step behind any offside area whilst still in possession of the ball.''''

Umpire's Tip: Players taking a Throw In often place foot very close to the line, hold position and then pivot causing the foot to turn onto the line before releasing the ball.